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Alessandro is the third studio record by Invocation Trio. This was a wonderful surprise to us, as the environs of L.A's Alessandro rehearsal space were scarcely conducive to the isolation required for Invo's usual ritualistic recording / composing process. But the energy of all those punk and metal bands rehearsing there that day added something to our cauldron of inspiration.

Kudos to Brian Hawlk's guerrilla recording chops. We were set up in 30 minutes. The purpose of this session was to 'tune up' the band for the perilous and demanding Divine Comedy sessions to follow that week ( Dante's Divine Comedy, Vols. I-III, Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso.)
This record tells of Invocation Trio at full power. This record has, perhaps the greatest range of genre (delta blues to grind-core, orchestral vistas of pure beauty to urban decay.)
Invocation Trio has a method. We begin each session with a clearing of sorts, in which we prepare the space for the work to follow. This time we called it what it was, "Invocacion". Hey, its L.A.
"Swamp Thing" probes several possible connotations of that dubious appellation, from comic book anti-hero to Daisy Duke. There are moments of terrible sonic saturation, the likes of which I ain't never heard.
The key ritual piece on Alessandro is "The Conjuration of Keith Matthew Thornton", better known as 'Kool Keith', our favorite MC. He showed up in the form of interference at the coda. You can almost hear his voice, "I'm Kool Keith, I'm Kool Keith..."
"S.S. Challenger" recounts the tragic Space Shuttle incident of January, 1986. It might be a bad idea to fire a rocket towards the heavens bearing the moniker, "Challenger."
The Album ends with a 'film noir' piece entitled, "Stealing Picasso", in which the thieves pull it off, not without difficulty, culminating in a getaway plunge into the Chaussee d'Antin.


released April 30, 2013

Brian Hawlk - Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Kuehn - Drums
Steve Peplin - Guitar

Artwork by Ryan Fitzpatrick (
Recorded and Engineered by Brian Hawlk at Alessandro Rehearsal Studios, June, 2012.
Mastered by Adam Tucker (
All music by Invocation Trio, copyright 2013 - Aeclectica Music -, ASCAP.



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Invocation Trio Los Angeles, California

Invocation Trio, formed in Boston in 1995, consists of film composer / Alto sax man, Brian Hawlk, Monster drummer Jimmy Kuehn (Black Coat frontman and guitarist) and orchestral guitarist, Steve Peplin. 'Invo Trio' tells a story with each piece, cautionary tales, colorful and intense sonic vistas, blending the sensibilities of modern classical, jazz, metal and the avant garde. ... more

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