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Paradiso (The Divine Comedy, Volume III)

by Invocation Trio




Volume III of Invocation Trio's epic Divine Comedy trilogy. Invocation Trio doesn't follow the story of Dante's Divine Comedy saga, rather the path.
The music herein isn't at all what one would expect, in the same regard that the Bible isn't flowery and light.
Man cannot apprehend even the slightest aspect of God. Aleph, the first Hebrew letter has no pronunciation on its own, all indicating that we cannot perceive, even in sound, the subtle majesty of the One. How then are fallible musicians to approach THE ultimate concept? We cannot. We can only move in that direction in Mind, Body and Spirit. We get as close as we can.

The atmosphere of the studio was vacuous. We were all spent, we had little to nothing left. Jimmy began at the piano with a lullaby (The Moon) which provided a gentle angular momentum which continued to grow until the climax and resolution.
As always, the composition is recorded at the moment of inception, leaving any and all imperfections intact. This is true improvisation. I recall feeling rather frustrated during this entire recording session. Personal problems, the blown water heater and subsequent flood (See Inferno liner notes), the duress from Purgatory and Inferno was heavy, but when hearing it weeks later, I found myself profoundly moved by this music.


released April 30, 2013

Brian Hawlk - Alto Saxophone, Percussion, Double Bass
Jimmy Kuehn - Drums, Percussion, Piano, Double Bass
Steve Peplin - Guitar, Double Bass

01 The Moon, Mercury and Venus
02 The Sun
03 Mars
04 Jupiter
05 Saturn
06 The Fixed Stars
07 Primum Mobile
08 The Empyrean

Artwork by Gustave Dore
Design by Steve Peplin
Produced by Invocation Trio
Engineered by Darren Elpant at Eggplant Studio,
Los Angeles, California, June, 2012


Coming soon: Purgatorio (The Divine Comedy, Vol. II)



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Invocation Trio Los Angeles, California

Invocation Trio, formed in Boston in 1995, consists of film composer / Alto sax man, Brian Hawlk, Monster drummer Jimmy Kuehn (Black Coat frontman and guitarist) and orchestral guitarist, Steve Peplin. 'Invo Trio' tells a story with each piece, cautionary tales, colorful and intense sonic vistas, blending the sensibilities of modern classical, jazz, metal and the avant garde. ... more

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